Female Jewelry Artisan Premieres Online

Female Jewelry Artisan Premieres Online

There's no better time than now to articulate the beauty and diversity that women create. I am honored to work with fellow female BIPOC jewelry makers in Bangkok in an effort to generate positive impact and empowerment. As a mentee in Couture's DAC Mentorship program, an opportunity arose to partner with diamond manufacturer, De Beers on a blockchain origin product. If we could finally understand the provenance of a fine gemstone, then I felt committed to also showcasing the origin of the jewelry piece as a whole. Who made it? Who are they? Where are they? Are they like me? The people at the source of creation require uplifting and recognition, so I aspired to include them in this opportunity.

I have interviewed four willing talents who work with the Bijules high end product from idea, concept, design, sourcing, casting, setting, and polishing. This is the only female production mandate achieved in the jewelry industry; from top management to finished product only females flex power here.

We are special. The emotions and expertise which imbue each Bijules product is a reflection of a mother, creator, maker, lover, and soul. We made this with care and hope to share this moving image around the world as I go on tour with more illuminating jewelry and stories.

Special thanks to Jenni Hensler and Felipe Gonzalez & Rahul and Elizabeth for making this happen with me.

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