As we establish new and responsible production methods and overall operations, these featured press items are in stock and can be shipped from our sample showroom in Manhattan. We are discounting press samples ready to retire from show business to yo' bizness. *These pieces have been worn by sweaty celebs and badass models so they are not new and have wear and tear. No returns, exchanges, refunds, or bitching;) Shipping will be made via USPS domestically following sale closure. Prices have been adjusted and are unique to this sale.

 Every order that is not in stock or part of our inventory will be considered "Made to Order" and will need additional time to execute. "Made to Order" items take 4-6 weeks and are NOT part of the INSTOCKSAMPLESALE. Consider yourself part of the process as the Bijules brand moves closer to a seamless manufacturing system with ethical practices as its essential code.