Office Magazine Interview & Editorial

Office Magazine Interview & Editorial

"Heirlooms for the New Generation"

Jules Kim pulled a complete 180, and it's proven fruitful. After spending 20 years in New York working in nightlife as a DJ and promoter, she moved to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. Escaping the city's safety hazards during the pandemic, she made hiking, surfing, and swimming a pivotal part of her daily routine. As she told me over Zoom, Kim gets her best ideas underwater, it is clear in the visuals for Bijules and the fine jewelry line she's recently launched.

In an exclusive editorial for office, singer Cailin Russo stood in front of the camera adorned in an array of mermaid-like multicolored wigs and accessorized with Kim's edgy, elegant new line. The images echo Kim's own ethos that she channels into each piece, conveying a sense of strength, a sense of longevity inspired by the sea and nature. 

Not only has she made a major move and begun her jewelry journey, Kim's efforts extend into aiding her community as well. In support of young talent entering the high-end jewelry industry, she's launched the Bijules Incubator alongside her brand — a mentoring program especially targeting talents hailing from underrepresented communities.

Right after she took a dip into the ocean, she took the time to chat with office. Read here.