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Double Gemstone Inlay

Double Gemstone Inlay

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Seeing is believing! Inspired by ancient dental works by Mayans, choose from a variety of gemstones sourced specifically for your mouth and your design. We specialize in custom jewelry and take pride in the dialogue between your ideas and our creative resources.

Please choose your main specifications and we will follow up to make a custom mouth-fitting appointment in our New York showroom or organize the delivery of a current mouth mold. Choose from opal, turquoise, malachite, and blue lapis. Please place your preference in NOTES upon checkout.


At checkout, please leave a note whether you would like to make an appointment for a custom fitting OR send your dental mouth mold to "Bijules/ 101 Avenue D#11E/ Ny Ny 10009".

**We are establishing new and responsible production methods as a result of these "unprecedented times". Every order that is not in stock or part of our inventory will be considered CUSTOM and will need additional time to execute during the transition. Consider yourself part of the process as the Bijules brand moves closer to a seamless manufacturing system with ethical practices as its essential code. Feel free to reply to your order confirmation with questions. Thank you for loving the Bijules brand and being our RIDE OR DIE!